The Start

We all have stories that we have accumulated over the course of our lives and that overtime in the retelling, have been refined, either consciously or not, with an element of “Never let a few (forgotten or misremembered) facts get in the road of a good story”. I heard this sentiment expressed recently as our stories being a mixture of personal mythology and selective recollection!

In deciding to capture on paper some of my stories – partly in response to suggestions that “you should write a book” – I thought that I can at least be true to my memories if not always all of the facts – hence the tag line “Stories My Memory Tells Me”


2 thoughts on “The Start

  1. Hi Stephen, just registered that there was a link to your WordPress blog. I clicked on it, read a short paragraph about stories, saw a pile of ads for dentures (?) and it fizzled out?! I’m hoping that entering my email address will help access it… Thanks to you, for all your supportive comments re mine. Because we shared a big bike ride, with a similar group of great folk, I know you understand what I have been wittering on about!

  2. I have two sites:
    The one you accessed is a series of short anecdotes.
    Below is the link to the various stories.

    The other one is the one that I did for the Orient Express ride in 2015.

    You’ll need to scroll down to get to the first post.

    Lest me know how you go.

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