Touching Greatness #BackOurBoys

A few years ago Dad (our Collingwood patriarch) was at Darwin airport on his way to visit me in Canberra – he spotted Michael Long* and went up to him “Could you please touch my hand Michael” he requested. Michael looks at him with a bemused/perplexed look. “Touch my hand” my father repeated holding up the back of his hand – explaining that he was on his way to visit his son a life-long Essendon supporter. So Michael generously indulged Dad his whimsical request.
On arriving in Canberra several hours later my father extends the back of his hand towards me saying “Touch my hand”. Reacting much as Michael must have initially done I hesitated, so Dad repeated his instruction. When I warily complied, he explained how he had been touched by greatness and was passing it on to me 🙂
*For the uninformed: Michael Long